With the increasing heat this summer, the street dogs found it exceedingly difficult to keep themselves hydrated. In light of this dire situation, the Foundation kick-started it’s “Water Bowl Initiative” by distributing cement water bowls to people keen on volunteering to refresh them daily with fresh water, in and around their neighborhood, across Delhi/NCR.

We are proud to announce that in less than three weeks, we successfully distributed 300 foundation sponsored bowls that, on an average, would have helped serve over 600 street dogs! (Much to our delight, the bowls were readily accepted and adopted not just by dogs but also cats, birds and squirrels!)

It is small efforts like this, being put in by each of us, which give our street warriors the strength to face any and all difficult circumstances! We urge you to do your bit and should you need any advice or help in getting started, we are just a message or e-mail away!