Our Story

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” ― Milan Kundera

The Movement

India, with its sprawling landscape and varied climatic zones, has always been home to a number of Indigenous dog breeds. Unfortunately, over the years, the ignorance of Indian citizens and the arrival of Foreign breeds during the British Raj led to the disappearance of distinguished Indian breeds such as the blue-coloured Lut, the Alangu and the Gazelle Hound, amongst many others.

Due to a lack of awareness, most individuals today do not realize that each dog we see on the street or in a shelter is in fact, either a descendent of an original Indian breed or is a Hybrid (prevalently referred to as “mixed” breeds). Hybrid dogs are the result of interbreeding, either between two Indian dogs or an Indian dog and a Foreign dog. Much like the child of two racially diverse parents becomes an amalgam of the two, these dogs too are melded versions of their parents and carry on a truly unique lineage. Just think of this: that litter of puppies in your colony could be a result of interbreeding between a Golden Retriever and an Indian Kanni, indicating a hybrid identity with a robust lineage from both sides!

It is the strong belief of our team that each dog has an ancestry and deserves an identity of it’s own – an identity that is independent of where they were born and the price tag or privilege attached. Furthermore, no dog should be considered a “stray” and there should be no taboo attached in adopting any dog.

“Like many of you, my heart holds immense love for animals, especially dogs, and I have been tirelessly working towards the upliftment of our street and shelter champions for the last two decades. We Exist and it’s sister concern, The We Exist Foundation, are not just an ode to my devotion to dogs, but are also platforms for change. We Exist is not just a brand, but a movement to allow us to look at dogs with an unbiased mind and more importantly, an all-embracing heart.”

- Tejshree Savara, Founder, We Exist and The We Exist Foundation.


Changing Minds

With a vision to create an environment where all dogs can co-exist and to bridge the gap currently existing between Purebred and Indigenous dog breeds in India, We Exist is setting the stage for change. We believe that each dog has a lineage that needs to be celebrated and an identity that deserves to be respected. 

Our aim is to develop a relationship of equality between all identities of dogs in India, whether they are Foreign, Indian, or Hybrid breeds. By wearing or using a product designed and handcrafted by We Exist, one dog proudly pledges its support for the co-existence of the other, giving rise to a new movement

We Exist is the voice behind every dog in India.

Improving Lives

We Exist meticulously designs exclusive products that are carefully produced in small batches, and lovingly handcrafted for dogs of all lineages to symbolize their support for the co-existence of all other dogs in India.

To strengthen the pledge taken by each supporter of We Exist, we donate a percentage of the sale proceeds from each product bought by you, towards the initiatives undertaken by The We Exist Foundation. The impact driven initiatives aim to improve the living conditions of underprivileged dogs in India and to strengthen their identity.

We Exist & The We Exist Foundation also aspires to drive forth their mission of educating the community about the impressive indigenous dog breeds of India through its Project titled “Mapping the Canine Heritage of the Indian Sub - Continent.”