Terms & Conditions


Our products items are each made with quality workmanship and care. Each piece is made individually out of natural materials and variances should be expected (and enjoyed!) in all aspects of the product. 

The lifetime of a We Exist product is determined by the care, wear and elements each item is subjected to. Product breakage due to chewing, water exposure or anything else that compromises the integrity of the material beyond normal wear is not a manufacturer's defect. 

Tarnishing, fading and fraying are all parts of normal wear and tear and we will not replace items due to these factors. 


Whilst we hope this never happens, if you do receive damaged/ broken products, please contact us immediately at info@weexist.in so we can personally assist you and sort out your problem as quickly as possible.


All our product(s) are accessory or utility based items only. The We Exist Team assumes no liability. The use of the product(s) and safety of the pet and handler is completely at the purchaser and/or user's discretion and responsibility.