The We Exist Foundation

Who We Are:

The We Exist Foundation (WEF) is a registered Not–For–Profit Foundation that organises impact based initiatives under its various programs. Our aim is to improve the living conditions of the street and abandoned dog community in India.

The Foundation, through its efforts, hopes to inspire individuals to be a part of a positive change by giving back to the disadvantaged and abandoned animal community in India, starting with dogs.


1. Sale of We Exist Products

Our carefully handcrafted products are the primary source of raising funds for various causes. For each product that one buys, We Exist pledges to donate a percentage of the sale proceeds bought by you, towards the initiatives undertaken by WEF.

2. Donations

We welcome your contributions in the form of support, funds, on-ground assistance, love and any other form that may suit you.

3. Fundraisers

We believe that a room full of like-minded people, marching towards change can achieve a lot. We regularly organize fundraisers for a dual purpose: to unite people who share common beliefs and to raise funds for improving the lives of our street dogs.

4. Purposeful Partnerships

We have tie-ups with paravets and shelters that provide the necessary aid and infrastructure to conduct drives and support-based initiatives successfully.



According to some estimates, India has as many as 30 million street dogs – 1 for every 42 Indians. Most of these dogs rarely get the right amount of nutrition or love.

One of WEF’s undertakings includes controlling this growing population by organizing safe spaying and neutering programs. This exercise has several health benefits such as allowing our resilient street warriors live a longer and healthier life and reducing behavioral problems. We, at WEF, work to conduct periodical Sterilisation Drives for spaying and neutering of street dogs not only in cities but in rural areas as well.

Your purchase or donation will support:

  • Getting a trusted and empathetic dog catcher on board
  • Getting a dedicated vet from a shelter on board
  • The carrying out of mandatory blood tests to rule out infections before any surgery
  • Providing OPD care to the dogs so as to allow enough time for recuperation.
  • Purchase of general anesthesia and other medication to perform surgery and OPD care.
  • Controlling the numbers of dogs on the streets and in animal shelters

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We love all dogs, whether they’re home heroes or street stars, and we believe that the best way to show care is by first and foremost ensuring that these dogs are protected against life threatening diseases such as Rabies, Parvovirus (CPV), Distemper etc. Vaccination is imperative to the survival of all dogs and is necessary to shield them against such diseases.

Providing the basic inoculations is the foundation’s effort of offering street dogs a fair and healthy chance at living a full life. We strive to inoculate as many dogs as possible in Delhi/NCR, and would greatly appreciate your support in any form.

Your purchase or donation will support:

  • Obtaining the injections and vaccines
  • Getting paravets on board to help us with the administration of the vaccines

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We recognize that many passionate and empathetic individuals are actively working to improve the lives of street dogs singularly, or in small groups that may or may not be registered. Our aim is to empower such individuals and small groups by providing SOS financial aid to their rescue cases in times of distress and extreme emergencies.

We extend support in terms of SOS funds to keep these solo soldiers marching ahead and not bowing under the weight of fund deficiency for a cause as great as theirs.

To apply for financial aid for SOS rescue cases, please click here

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Our endeavor is to educate individuals about the indigenous and “hybrid” dog breeds of India and to encourage non-discrimination while adopting. We strongly advocate adoption for all dogs, free of bias towards any breed. To further our motto and enlighten the masses, WEF will periodically organize adoption drives in collaboration with animal shelters and on ground rescue individuals.

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In partnership with Kennel Kitchen, The We Exist Foundation has launched the Full Belly Program to identify relevant members of the community from India on a monthly basis who feed street dogs and require aid with reference to food supply.

Once we identify such members of the community, our donor partner, Kennel Kitchen will dispatch food to the identIfied member for the week/month depending on the number of dogs.

We wholeheartedly encourage our street heroes who go out of their way to show our four legged friends some love!

If you’re a feeder in need of aid, please submit your application here


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted - Aesop

We believe that kindness begets kindness. Every dog has the power to love unconditionally, forgive immediately and display the fiercest signs of loyalty. Street and shelter dogs share the same qualities as any other dog that you may meet within the comforts of a home - they seek the same love and affection- the same pat on the head, and that extra belly rub would get them to commit their tiny little beans to you…indefinitely.

The WEF Acts of Kindness Program conducts initiatives that encourage individuals to spend time and shower kindness on all dogs...for after all, every dog deserves to be loved.

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The foundation has a research & documentation arm, which aspires to record and collate information on the indigenous dog breeds of India. Through this exercise, we aim to not only spread awareness about the lost lineage of Indian dogs, many of whom are already extinct, but also to highlight their virtues.

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