The We Exist Foundation

Who We Are:

The We Exist Foundation (WEF) is a registered not–for–profit foundation that organises impact initiatives, which aim to improve the living conditions of underprivileged dogs in India and to strengthen their identity in the eyes of human beings.

The Foundation, through its efforts, hopes to inspire individuals to be a part of a positive change by giving back to the disadvantaged and abandoned animal community in India, starting with dogs.

What We Do:
1. Educational & Research Project: Mapping The Canine Heritage of India

The foundation has set up a research & documentation arm, which aspires to record and collate information on the indigenous dog breeds of India. Through this exercise, we aim to not only spread awareness about the lost lineage of Indian dogs, many of whom are already extinct, but also to highlight their virtues.

2. Thoughtful Partnerships

We recognize that many passionate and empathetic individuals are already actively working to uplift street dogs singularly, or in small groups that may or may not be registered. We want to aid them in times of distress and emergencies. We will extend help and support in terms of SOS funds to keep these solo soldiers marching ahead and not bowing under the weight of fund deficiency for a cause as great as theirs.

3. Vaccination Drives

We love all dogs, whether they’re home heroes or street stars, and we believe that the best way to show care is by first and foremost ensuring that these dogs are protected. Vaccination is imperative to the survival of all dogs and is necessary to shield them against diseases. WEF constantly works towards the upliftment of dogs that call the streets their home. Providing the basic inoculations is the foundation’s effort of offering disadvantaged dogs a fair chance at living a full life. We strive to inoculate as many dogs as possible in Delhi/NCR, and would greatly appreciate your support in any form.

Your one purchase or donation will support:

  • Obtaining the injections and vaccines
  • Getting paravets on board to help us with the administration of the vaccines
  • Improved healthcare amongst dogs on the streets
4. Spaying & Neutering

One of the bigger issues that needs to be addressed is the rising number of unwanted puppies and dogs on the streets. One of WEF’s undertakings includes controlling this growing population by organizing safe spaying and neutering programs. This also has several health benefits, such as helping them live a longer and healthier life and reducing behavioral problems. We, at WEF, work to periodically conduct drives for the spaying and neutering of underprivileged dogs.

Your one purchase or donation will support:

  • Getting paravets or a dedicated vet from a shelter on board
  • Purchase of general anesthesia and other medication to perform surgery and OPD care
  • Controlling the numbers of dogs on the streets and animal shelters
5. Adopt, Don’t Shop

Our endeavor is to educate individuals about the indigenous and “hybrid” dog breeds of India and to encourage non-discrimination while adopting. We strongly advocate adoption for all dogs, free of bias towards any breed. To further our motto and enlighten the masses, WEF will periodically organize adoption drives in collaboration with an animal shelter.

Your one purchase or donation will support:

  • A home and a family for both, abandoned and street dogs
6. ‘Shelter Support

We work tirelessly for the upliftment of underprivileged dogs and stand tall behind all the shelters in the country that take in abandoned dogs. The countless shelters across India work around the clock to create a happy, safe and secure environment for abandoned dogs. We strive to support various shelters, starting with Delhi/NCR, one campaign at a time.

We urge you to contribute by way of cash, kind, love, time and/or compassion. Below is a list of items that shelters are always in need of –:

Wish List of the Dogs and Puppies:

  1. Pet food, puppy formula and treats
  2. Towels, mattresses, quilts & beds (Used or New)
  3. Old newspaper
  4. Collars and leashes (Used or New)
  5. Grooming supplies
  6. Toys
  7. Flea and tick treatment
  8. Electric Heaters /Heating pads
  9. Food bowls
  10. Coolers & Pedestal Fans
How We Do It:
1. Sale of We Exist Products

Our carefully handcrafted products are the primary source of raising funds for various causes. For each product that one buys, they pledge a fraction of the amount to WEF, which further utilizes the funds for aid.

2. Donations

We welcome your contributions in the form of support, funds, on-ground assistance, love and/or any other form that may suit you.

3. Fundraisers

We believe that a room full of like-minded people, marching towards change can achieve a lot. We regularly organize fundraisers for a dual purpose: to unite people who share common beliefs and to foster funds for the betterment of dogs, by way of all-of-the-above initiatives.

4. Purposeful Partnerships

We have tie-ups with Paravets and shelters that provide the necessary aid and infrastructure to conduct drives and support-based initiatives successfully.

The Water Bowl Initiative

With the increasing heat this summer, the street dogs found it exceedingly difficult to keep themselves hydrated.

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The We Exist To Coexist Fundraiser

An event spearheaded by The We Exist Foundation in collaboration with The Piano Man Jazz Club, to raise funds for the Foundation’s future Initiatives

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A Line for A Stray Collaboration

November got us a whole lot of loving from our amazing friends at Paper Planes, (Mumbai) & Bombay Perfumery (Mumbai)

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Sterilisation Drive
The Winter Sterilsation Drive 2018

This November we kick started The WEF Winter Sterilisation Drive. To safely and ethically sterilise 40 streets dogs by the close of the year! - YOU made this possible!

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Cosy beds for street dogs
The Cosy Bed Initiative 2018

To help our street dogs feel safe, cosy & loved, the Foundation ended this year on positive note with its “ Cosy Bed Initiative” where we distributed 200 gunny beds free of cost.

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Adoptions 2018

We have been darn lucky to have met some WONDERFUL individuals who opened their arms, hearts, homes & hearth to some of our rescues.

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