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Make way for our super chic yet multifunctional storage baskets. Use them to store your doggos ‘Paris Hilton’ sized wardrobe, cool dude accessories and  pupper toys! Psst...These baskets are also perfect for storing a pet lover's accessories too!


If your dog is always up for a snack, these bowls are ideal for you! Perfected to the right size for a snack in the middle of the day or a drink of water, you won’t feel guilty for treating your furry friend in our bowls, which are also aesthetically pleasing to keep around the house. Machine washable and easily portable, these bowls make for smart accents to your dog’s collection.

Foldable Beds

If your dog is a jetsetter, these travel beds are ideal for you! Our collection of travel beds have been designed to eliminate the hassle of portability and storage involved in the process of travel. The beds open up into seamless flat beds that are padded and supremely comfortable. When you’re done with the bed, roll it up, tie it around and stow away!

The Danny Collection

There is little that is more regal than a pitch-black coat on an athletic body, complete with a stately posture and a handsome face. Add to that a pace as fast as the wind and a sense of loyalty so strong that he wouldn’t let any passersby into the colony lane without a strict interrogation of sorts, and you have Danny – our very own local guardian. Despite a strong demeanor, Danny had the kindest and most alluring almond-shaped amber eyes that revealed a soul that was friendly and dependable. Our autumn collection is dedicated in memory of our beloved Danny, who loved nothing more than rolling in heaps of crisp leaves and chasing the wind to catch the ones blowing away! This Collection is a vegan collection.  

The Saiba Collection

Our winter collection is an ode to a special dog who lived a full life, brimming with a passion for food, zest for life and empathy for others. Saiba was a queen, not just in her home but also amongst her colony contemporaries. Beyond snacking, she took great pride in her intelligence – she could open doors by herself and find her way back from anywhere! A true diva who hated paparazzi and enjoyed sleeping with her bottom against the heater on particularly cold days, Saiba also loved spending quality time with her humans. We dedicate our winter collection to the fearless, energetic and loyal soul who was everything and more to her family. May her soul forever enjoy a lavish feast and unconditional love, for she deserves all that and more.


While designing our range of towels, we prioritized comfort for the dogs and ease of convenience for their humans. Made from 100% cotton and machine washable, our towels signify simplicity merged with satisfaction. Perfect for bath time, these towels will have your dogs a tad more enthusiastic to get their paws wet!